Internationally Acclaimed & Multiple Award-Winning

"Mary Kaye’s songs about cowboys, horses, women, and family breathe new life into Western music."
- Country Music People Magazine - 5 Star Review

"With the deep dimensions of her voice Mary Kaye could sing a lunch menu and make us buy in!"
- Rick Huff, The Western Way

Mary Kaye delivers a spellbinding, emotional vocal performance in every song she sings." "...this is the kind of voice that only comes from heaven."
- Marvin O'Dell, Musikcode Records

"Mary Kaye has entered the echelon of great songwriters with her latest album."
- True West Magazine

"...a major find [with] a voice that defies categorization."

"Mary Kaye is one of the strongest singers working today."
- Big Sky Journal

"Mary Kaye has a voice that can rattle the rafters and caress the soul with equal facility."
- Rod Hill, Ranch & Reata Journalist
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2016 Wrangler Award - Outstanding Original Western Composition, "Ride A Wide Circle"
- The National Cowboy & Western Heritage Museum
2013, 2014, 2015, 2016 Nominated - Entertainer of the Year - Western Music Association
2014 Nipper Award - Best Western/Americana Female Artist - AnOdeMan Records
2013 Top Cowboy Song - "Jealous of the Moon" - American Cowboy Magazine
2013 Female Performer of the Year - Western Music Association
2013 Songwriter of the Year - Western Music Association
2013 Spur Award - Best Western Song, "Any Name Will Do" - Western Writers of America
2013 Best Solo Musician - Editor's Choice - True West Magazine
2012 Song of the Year - "No Wilder Place" - Western Music Association
2011 Will Rodgers Award - Female Performer of the Year - Academy of Western Artists
2010 Female Vocalist of the Year - Western Music Association
2010 Crescendo Award Winner - Western Music Association

#1 Western Album: Ride A Wide Circle - Debuted at #1 - 1st Quarter 2016
#1 Western Album: The Dawn and The Dusk - 3rd Quarter 2013
#1 Western Album: No Wilder Place - Debuted at #1 - 2nd Quarter 2012
#1 Western Song: "Luckiest Cowgirl" - No Wilder Place - 4th Quarter 2012

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