Ride A Wide Circle

  1. The Night Herding Song
  2. Ride a Wide Circle
  3. Grit, Grace and Balin’ Twine
  4. Leavin’ Cheyenne
  5. Buckskin Joe
  6. Women and Horses
  7. Que Vaquero
  8.  The Wild of the West
  9. Big Enough
  10. The Town That Raised Me
  11. Horse Lover
  12. Love’s Last Stand
  13. A Cowboy’s Soul
  14. Girl Meets West
  15. Song of Wyoming

Clean Outta Luck

  1. Clean Outta Luck
  2. Cowboy Waltzin' Across Her Mind
  3. Lucy Larue
  4. Three Nooses
  5. Once I Loved a Cowboy
  6. Night Rider's Lament
  7. Annie Staked a Claim For Joy
  8. Patterns on the Pane
  9. Looks Like Love Has Come to Settle Down
  10. All the Pretty Horses
  11. No Word From You
  12. Blue Eyes Crying in the Rain

The Real Thing

  1.  The Real Thing
  2.  Ready for Answers
  3.  Favorite Fire
  4.  Priceless
  5.  I See a Good Man
  6.  Better As a Butterfly
  7.  It’s Never Too Late
  8.  She is a Deep River
  9.  God is in the Roses
  10.  Home Sweet Home
  11.  A Mother’s Prayer
  12.  My Little Princess
  13.  Worth Waiting For

A Cowboy Christmas

  1.  Christmas for Cowboys
  2.  A Cowboy Christmas Tonight
  3.  It All Began in a Barn
  4.  The Song that has No Tune
  5.  Santa's Roundup
  6.  Goin' Home for Christmas
  7.  Wind and Snow
  8.  Saddle Up your Pinto
  9.  No Black-Haired Woman
  10.  Baby, It's Cold Outside
  11.  I Love Christmas/Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas
  12.  O Holy Night
  13. Come Gather Round the Angel Tree