We Are All Children In June

Someone needs to invent a word similar to jet-lag that describes the haze one finds themselves in after an incredibly long road trip. Brad and I just returned home this week from a tour that took us across the border to our  Northern cowboy neighbors in Alberta, Canada to the Pincher Creek Gathering where we swapped tunes with old friends and made treasured new ones.  We then headed to our friends Merritt and Almeda Bradshaw at the M2B Bed and Breakfast in Montana.Our luminous friend, Francie Ganje, did a bang-up job putting together an event at the historic Homestake Opera House in Lead, South Dakota. Another tank of gas brought us to the North Dakota Cowboy Hall of Fame where Brad and I stood all amazed at the community that came together to honor cowboys past and present. We threw some serendipity into the mix by stopping by Cody, Wyoming and making some new friends and then for the grand finale I sang my heart out in Huntley, Wyoming at the home of Alma and Stan Tussing at a concert we won't soon forget.


This tour will remain forever memorable for the fact that Brad and I found out we were new grandparents as we drove from Medora, North Dakota to Cody, Wyoming under a moon so surprisingly large and looming it was referred to as a "Super Moon."  Our son in law, David, shared the happy news that our oldest daughter, Alicia, had just had a baby girl.  Her name is Mary Kate...which makes me embarrassingly happy.


I am home now in the cradle of all I love and hold dear.  We are enjoying the last of the best days of summer in which the mosquitoes have yet to pester us and the flies have delayed their annoying flight patterns through the kitchen.  It's all wet hair, sunscreen, sleeping in and bare feet.  My friend, Teresa Berish, is here visiting from Nevada and my brother Michael and his wife Beth and their brown-eyed brood are also here for a visit from Nashville. June is my favorite summer month and now I have even more memories to make it so.  I wrote in my journal...."We are all children in June."

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