Lovely, Lovely, Lovely...




Time at home is lovely, lovely, lovely.  I did my nails today, but other than that I am sporting my bag lady look. I think I might have forgotten how to apply mascara.


Brad and I celebrated our 27th wedding anniversary this week.  It was very romantic in a we've-been-married-a-long-time kind of way. We basically both forgot until the day before.  I had scheduled myself to sing for a local church group and then surprised him by driving out to where he works. We then spent the next day together doing something that Brad knows I dearly love and he loves less dearly...thrift store shopping.  Now if that's not true love, I don't know what is.


I've also gotten to spend some quality time with guitar.  Next month I will be in the studio to record my first Christmas CD.  It will be called "A Cowboy's Christmas."  Not very original, but it gets right to the point. I'm feeling prematurely festive as I work on new Christmas songs and arrangements of some old classics. There is no part of the music business I love more than to immerse myself in songwriting.  


Speaking of the music business, Brad and I will be heading to Nashville for the Americana Music Festival to learn all we can to bring home to the Western Music genre.  I told Brad that we are going to need bigger brains to be able to hold all the information we'll be getting from four days of classes.  


My manager (Brad) is keeping us busy with exciting new bookings and just when we think we've got more plates spinning that we can handle...there appears another plate spinning away.  We feel the momentum gathering underneath us and more importantly we see God's blessings helping us and our family.  


Yes, there are exciting things on the horizon but for this precious moment...being home is lovely, lovely, lovely.

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