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Western Christmas Music

A Cowboy Christmas
Don't Fence Me In Records, BMI
(Released Dec. 2013/Dec. 2016)


These original Christmas songs by Mary Kaye were first released for the 2013 Christmas season as a five song EP.  In 2016 the disc was expanded to a full 13 song album to accompany Mary Kaye's well loved Cowboy Christmas program.

     1) Christmas for Cowboys, 2:55
     2) A Cowboy Christmas Tonight, 3:33
     3) It All Began in a Barn, 4:29
     4) The Song that has No Tune, 4.04
     5) Santa's Roundup, 3:03
     6) Goin' Home for Christmas, 3:36
     7) Wind and Snow, 4:31
     8) Saddle Up your Pinto, 2:48
     9) No Black-Haired Woman, 5:51
    10) Baby, It's Cold Outside, 2:56
    11) I Love Christmas/Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas, 3:45
    12) O Holy Night, 3:43
    13) Come Gather Round the Angel Tree, 3:17

What People are Saying:


Western Horseman by Jennifer Denison:

December 2018,

Bring the spirit of Christmas into your heart and home with a collection of cowboy-style Christmas songs from Mary Kaye

Award-winning Western singer-songwriter Mary Kaye performs cowboy Christmas concerts each December in Utah and Nevada. If you can’t make one of her shows, however, you can listen to the magic of her music in your home, barn or vehicle on the CD, A Cowboy Christmas.

Released as a five-song EP in 2013, and in 2016 with an additional eight songs, this CD has quickly become a holiday classic for fans of cowboy music. Mary Kaye wrote the majority of the 13 tracks, and she sings them with reverence and raw emotion. The first track, Christmas for Cowboys, was written by S. Weisberg and recorded by John Denver in 1975. The tune takes listeners on a cattle drive in the West where the greatest gifts the cowboys receive are “the sky and wide open range.”

Rooted in faith, family and the West, Mary Kaye sings about giving and sharing, small town celebrations, the beauty of an old barn, Santa’s roundup, winter weather and the birth of Jesus Christ. Most of the songs have simple instrumentals, which allow Mary Kaye’s beaming voice to shine. This is most apparent in her touching rendition of “O Holy Night.” She also sings a lively version of “Baby, It’s Cold Outside” with fellow cowboy singer R.W. Hampton. One of the most special songs on the CD, however, is track 11, “I Love Christmas/Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas.”

“I wrote ‘I Love Christmas’ to weave through ‘Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas’ because I love this kind of arrangement and it gives me a chance to sing with my daughters,” she writes in the liner notes.

A blend of traditional and fresh songs with Western flair, the CD is sure to put listeners of all ages in the Christmas spirit.

Liz Masterson:

"Oh my gosh!!  I am knocked out by the wonderful Christmas CD.  It arrived the day before my birthday and I played it 3 times in a row. I wanted to be able to single out ONE song to tell you which one was my favorite....but I cannot pick just one! I like EVERYTHING on it, and marvel at what a versatile vocalist you are!
THANK YOU for sending it to me!  It really got me in the Christmas Spirit. The song "Saddle up your Pinto, I'll saddle my Bay" really sticks in my head, and "It All Began in a Barn" is fantastic, and the duet with RW is the BEST version of "Baby, it's Cold Outside" I've ever heard!!!
Congratulations on another terrific album, Mary Kaye!!!
You are amazing!" (12/09/16)

David Henderson:

"The holiday CD is very inviting to bring the Christmas celebrations into play. I am Proud to say that I have ALL of Mary's CDs.  I whole-heartedly endorse her Christmas CD and that it would be a great addition to anyone's Christmas library." (08/04/16)

Debbie Schrader Ratkovich:

"Just popped in your Christmas [music] while driving through the Sierra mountains and what a blessing you are with such a God given talent. I loved every song and tried not to cry on the last song. Oh how beautifully written and composed. Thank you for sharing with all of us." (11/11/13)

Anita Crane:

" beautiful. Each song is heartfelt and written so beautifully and sung with such reverence. This will be a tradition to play this CD in Christmases to come. Thank you Mary Kaye!" (11/14/13)

Hotdisc Top 40:

The fifth song on the disc, "Come Gather Round the Angel Tree," was released for the 2013 Christmas season in the United Kingdom on Hotdisc. It reached #19 on the Hotdisc charts with no radio airplay promotion.

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